Best Country For Immigration, Living and Working: Canada or USA?

Canada or USA... Hard choice, right?

Two of the most prosperous countries on the planet, Canada and the USA are at the top of the list of countries people want to immigrate to. The countries are already developed and have flourishing economies, which makes them a great choice for working, starting new businesses and building a prosperous future for your family.

To help you make the important life choice, we will be putting up a comparison of Canada vs USA immigration to give you some clarity on both countries.

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👷 Job Opportunities for Foreigners: Canada vs USA

Both countries are extraordinary in terms of employment opportunities and have a variety of job offers for both its citizens and foreigners. 

After the global Covid-19 crisis, both countries had worked hard to keep sustaining their economies even in times when the entire world was whirling its finances down the covid whirlpool.

Work opportunities in the USA

The USA stands at an unemployment rate of 3.7% in 2024. It’s known as the silicon center of the world, and this is because the majority of the industries were established there and are currently prospering. 

USA have a high demand for foreign skilled workers:

  • Engineers
  • Software developers
  • Healthcare workers

Unemployment in Canada after Covid-19

The unemployment rate that was last recorded for Canada in October 2024 was 5.20%.

Canada has a demand for foreign workers in different industries:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Finance

And more!

Learn more about top jobs in Canada for foreigners

While both countries offer many job opportunities, Canada is a preferred choice for both low- and high-skilled workers. USA is a great destination for high-skilled workers, but it might be more challenging to get a work permit as a low-skilled worker. 

💰 Salaries: Canada vs USA

Salaries greatly depend on the professional industry, level of experience and education of every candidate. Both Canada and the US offer high-paying jobs to both their citizens and foreign workers, and provide more competitive salaries than most other countries.

Yearly salary in the USA

Here are some of the most popular professions in the USA and their salaries:









Yearly salary in Canada

Here are some of the most popular professions in Canada and their salaries:











🏘️ Cost of Living: Canada vs USA

Canada is a cheaper destination for life, and offers affordable cost of life for both local Canadians and foreign immigrants.

Monthly cost of life in the USA

Average cost of living in the USA is $2112 per person.

It’s the 6th most expensive country in the world. 

Monthly cost of life in Canada

On average, the cost of living in Canada is $1832, which is approximately 13% less than what it costs to live in the United States.

Canada is the world’s 14th most expensive country.

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾Society and Culture: Canada vs USA

The majority of Canadians and Americans think that there is a major difference between the cultures and societies of their countries. However, as both countries share borders, they have more similarities than one would think, along with some inevitable differences.

Culture of the USA

Although Americans are believed to be polite and respectful of each other’s personal borders, Canadians usually tend to be more courteous and well-mannered.

The United States is more likely to accept one’s culture and assimilate into their own, which results in a funky combo and a mix of different cultures. 

It’s known for welcoming diversity in many forms, and promoting tolerance among its people.

There is a belief that Canada is more liberal than the Americans, although the US is also among the most liberal countries in the world.

Americans are known as a more hard-working and ambitious nation that works around the clock to reach its career goals.

Culture of Canada

In general, Canadians are far more easygoing and polite. They are more likely to be courteous and golden-word fans than Americans.

While Americans think of their society as a heterogenous mixture of different races and ethnicities that kind of melt into one, Canada is more likely to preserve their immigrants’ identities and beliefs.

As Canada welcomes more immigrants, a good chunk of its population has not been born in the country, which makes the land more diverse in terms of culture. Canada allows one to stay true to their roots.

It is also believed that Canada, as a nation, is far more liberal than the Americans, and this is probably due to its open-minded policies and the power of free will that it has managed to instill in its people.

Canadians are believed to be more laid back and less hard-working than their American neighbors, and that’s one of the reasons why they love and welcome hardworking foreigners to fill many jobs!

❄️ Weather: Canada vs USA

Although both countries are spread over different climate zones, overall, the weather in Canada is way colder than in the US. This is because of its geographical location, which is quite northward.

Weather in the USA

Most of the states have a moderate temperature with their fair share of rainfall.

The United States has moderate frigid winters, and the summers can be hot, sometimes extremely hot!

Weather in Canada

Canada has cold winters that result in large volumes of snow, and summers are mild and humid. Canadians receive rainfall on average of 7 days a month all year round. 

🍁 Conclusion: Why Foreign Immigrants Prefer Canada

Both countries are diverse in their culture, strong in their economy, and welcoming immigrants from all over the world. Although, many potential immigrants choose Canada over the US, and there are many reasons why!

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