Canada Business Immigration:
How to Start a Business in Canada

Type of Canada Business Immigration

The Canadian investor visa program permits foreign nationals to obtain Canadian permanent residency or Canadian citizenship. In exchange, they must make certain investments in Canada. Citizenship, also called a golden passport or permanent residency is available through this scheme (golden visa).

This program attempts to persuade business professionals to invest something in Canada to boost employment and promote economic growth.

The Advantages of Investor Visas

The Canadian investor visa is more of a fast road to citizenship. In Canada, investors profit from the following factors and will be able to:

  • Live in a comfortable environment.
  • Receive healthcare and receive an education.
  • Live in Canada with their families.
  • Take advantage of foreign chances.
  • Take advantage of favorable investment policies.
  • Receive travel advantages that will allow them to go all over the world.

Requirements for Eligibility:

  • For getting a business visa in Canada, the business immigrant must have a qualified business.
  • With a CLB score of 3, they should be able to communicate in both French and English at an intermediate level. A note of support from the selected institution is required.

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Visa for Entrepreneurs: Immigrate to Canada as an Entrepreneur

Canada is welcoming entrepreneurs from across the world who want to immigrate to Canada as an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur visa for Canada will aid in the province’s economic growth. The entrepreneur program is a great place to start if you want to start your business in Canada and enhance the local economy.

Immigrate to Canada through Startup Visa

The focus of this program is on creative entrepreneurs that will connect with authorized Canadian business investors, who will assist them in starting a new business.

Entrepreneurs in Canada can expand their businesses with the help of cash and expertise from certified private sector organizations in the country. Entrepreneurs and investors will be able to get a start-up visa with the assistance of these groups.

Unlike investor programs, the entrepreneur program requires no investment from the immigrant’s cash to achieve the qualifying requirements. Instead, one or more approved organizations will provide the entrepreneurs with a minimum amount of venture funding or angel investment.

The start-up visa program is the best choice for foreigners who want to establish an innovative business in Canada, but don’t have own financial resources for it. To process the application, the immigrant must fulfill specific requirements. It is a fast-track permanent resident status scheme for overseas entrepreneurs or investors. 

How can I apply for a Start-up Visa?

Suppose a foreign entrepreneur fits the Start-up Visa Program’s qualifying standards. In that case, they must complete and fill out an application online or by mail.

The application requires extensive supporting paperwork proving the primary applicant’s and accompanying family members’ eligibility for immigration to Canada. Medical tests and police certifications are used to ensure that a candidate is neither medically nor criminally ineligible. Many candidates will be asked to produce biometrics and certified translations of papers not written in English or French.

Entrepreneur candidates must have established businesses where each application owns at least 10% of the voting rights linked to all of the corporation’s shares. As owners, up to 5 newbies can apply jointly. In addition, the candidates and the selected organization must jointly own more than half of the voting rights.

Candidates must show that their firm is formed in Canada and that vital operations are carried out in Canada under the active control of foreign entrepreneurs.

Foreign entrepreneurs must get the agreement of a designated organization that will support their business development in Canada before applying for the Start-up Visa Program.

Interested candidates may go through the listings above to see if there are any suitable matches for their startup company. The commitment of a selected organization is proved by a Letter of Support. The validity of letters of support is six years after the issuing date.

The Start-up Visa Program requires all candidates to demonstrate competence in one of Canada’s compulsory subjects, English and French. Candidates must demonstrate results from an authorized language exam indicating proficiency at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Level 5 or above to be selected for the program. At the time of application, the testing results should be less than 2 years old.

Interested candidates must demonstrate sufficient funds to maintain themselves and their families in Canada. To do so, applicants must demonstrate that they fulfill the IRCC’s evidence of financial resources requirement.

Types of Startup Programs

Angel Investors

are individuals who invest in small businesses. Angel investors are wealthy individuals who want to put their money into early-stage companies. They will provide capital and industry, and management experience.

Venture capital investments

are critical to assisting Canada’s early, medium, and late-stage businesses. It’s an essential component of the startup ecosystem.

Incubators for small businesses

Incubators are organizations that assist start-up firms and individual entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. It was created specifically to help young start-ups innovate and grow their businesses. 

Through this program, business incubators provide workspace, coaching, education, and accessibility to an investor for start-ups and sole proprietorships. 

They also offer a comprehensive variety of services, from management programs and office space to venture capital structuring and finance.

Self Employed Visa Programs

Anyone who makes a living via the independent pursuit of economic activity is considered self-employed. People from all over the world can come to work in Canada and stay permanently under this program.

They must contribute significantly to Canada’s social, artistic, or athletic life. Candidates must prove that their work will make a substantial contribution to Canada’s economy and cultural life.

Self-Employed Requirements

  • They must have at least two years of experience within the past five years.
  • In Canada, they should be self-employed.
  • They must fulfill the program’s qualifying requirements.
  • They should also meet medical, security, and other conditions to be eligible for this program.

The selection criteria for this program will be based on experience, adaptability, age, education, and language.

Business PNP Visa Programs

Individuals might be nominated for PNP under this program if they meet specific criteria. Every provincial territory in Canada has different investment criteria.

If you’re applying to a provincial program connected with Express Entry, a recommendation will get you 600 more CRS points. These extra points almost ensure an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

PNPs for individuals who do not have an Express Entry profile, referred to as ‘basic PNPs,’ are also available. You can apply for permanent resident status immediately if you get a province candidacy certificate from a base PNP. Every provincial nominee program is distinct from the others. However, there are a few general instructions for obtaining a provincial nomination certificate that we may provide:

Many provinces are geared to bringing in foreign employees with particular job experience to address labor shortages. The ‘in-demand’ jobs shift from province to province and over time. The most straightforward approach to receiving a provincial nomination certificate is to keep an eye on these listings for all jurisdictions that provide in-demand occupation streams.

You may be eligible to apply for a PNP certificate if you have a job opportunity; your employer is in a province that offers this sort of nominee program.

Job offer streams allow companies to skip the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process in many cases. Many provinces have arrangements with the federal govt that permit them to send successful nominees ‘messages of recommendation. Employers will find it simpler to recruit international candidates due to this, making it easier to find work in Canada.

You don’t need an Express Entry profile to apply for many job offers. That implies you might be able to get a nomination certificate even though you don’t qualify for the Express Entry pool.

Provinces occasionally provide immigration streams to individuals with experience in a high-demand profession and a job offer from a business in that field.

Most provinces provide a provincial nomination stream for applicants who have studied in the province. International student graduates are, in fact, among the most sought-after immigration applicants. Suppose you graduated from a Canadian post-secondary school and are now in the Express Entry system. In that case, you may be entitled to up to 30 extra CRS points based solely on your degree.

Working as a temporary worker in a province might help you win a provincial nomination. Many provinces offer programs to assist temporary employees in moving to permanent residence.

A few of these channels require you to be employed in Canada when you file for a nomination and a full-time, permanent employment offer from your employer. Others only require previous job experience in the province.

If you’re not qualified to come to Canada, working as a temporary employee can help you improve your chances. You might try to receive a permanent employment offer by improving your language skills and expanding your professional network.

Some provinces give nominations to applicants eager to own and run a company in their jurisdiction. To be qualified for these sorts of streams, you usually require managerial experience and certain personal net worth.

Entrepreneurial and Investor Eligibility

  • They should be able to invest in foreign markets.
  • They must have a track record in the business.
  • They must be able to communicate in English and the native language of the nation.
  • They must have a solid business certification and a track record in banking.
  • They should keep their health in check and undertake reviews.

Why is Canada the best place for Business Immigration?

✅ It has the best budgetary prospects among the G-20 countries.

✅ Canada has a low-tax jurisdiction; thus, starting a business is relatively inexpensive.

✅ Canada provides a favorable climate for research, innovation, scientific aptitude, and incentive programs.

✅ Canada is famous for its high standard of living.

✅ Canada is proud of its diverse and skilled workforce composed of both native Canadians and foreign workers.

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