How To Extend Your Live-In Caregiver Program Work Permit

📜 How To Extend Your Caregiver Permit in Canada for an Existing Job

It’s crucial to keep a check on the validity of your live-in caregiver work permit. You will end up in quite a bit of trouble if your work permit expires while you are living in the country. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to extend a caregiver permit in Canada. 

A live-in caregiver work permit is pretty much the same as any other visa. If you want to stay longer in Canada to continue your employment, you have to apply for an extension.

Extending your caregiver permit in Canada to legally stay in the country longer is not as hard as many would think. Especially that this is already an extension, meaning that you are already working there and given the initial working permit. Yet, many workers failed to do so.

Here are some tips to remember when planning to extend your caregiver permit:

It’s advisable to apply for a work permit extension at least a month prior to the expiry date. This will give you enough time to fix application problems that you might encounter.


Make it a point to ensure that you are eligible to apply for the extension. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to know what measures can you do if you are not yet eligible. The most important requirements above are already listed above.


Along with the application, you also have to send a letter to explain the reason for the extension or any changes in your working conditions.


You must include all the supporting documents relevant to your extension request. For instance, include proof of living-in your employer as a caregiver as well as certificates and working credentials.


Once you have completed your application form, you have to mail it along with the other required documents to the address mentioned in the application guide.

Once you have submitted the application, you can relax a bit. Your temporary status in the country will hold until the fate of your application is decided.


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🚨 What Happens If You Don't Extend The Live-In Caregiver Permit Canada?

Typically, the problem arises because a lot of people who are not familiar with travel documents fail to notice the expiration date. Unfortunately, the language of immigration officials can leave one confused. You might have your permit in hand and yet fail to realize the length of stay allowed in the country.

A lot of people wonder how to determine when their work permit is expiring. It’s actually pretty simple if you know where to look. The date you see on the top right side of your work permit under the heading “valid until” is the expiry date of your permit.

Regardless, what will happen to you if you failed to request for an extension?

✍🏼 Requirements To Extend Caregiver Permit in Canada

Naturally, if you want to apply for an extension, you have to meet some requirements.  This will protect your legal status in the country. It’s crucial that you get your work permit extended before its expiration date.

Here’s a peek into the criteria you must meet to have your caregiver permit in Canada extended:


Meet LCP Requirements

It’s mandatory for the live-in caregivers to meet the LCP requirements if they want to remain eligible for an extension of their permit under the LCP.

If the live-in caregiver is found working for any house other than the employer mentioned in the LCP or gets a non-LCP work permit, this period of employment will not be considered while determining eligibility for permanent residence.


Stick to One Employer

If your work permit has expired or nearing its end, you cannot start a new job related to the same field. 

It’s a must for the live-in caregiver to work only with the employer mentioned on the application. If the caregiver is found working for some other employer not registered on the application, his status in Canada can be in a problem. 


📝 Live-In Caregiver Permit Extension For A New Job

Note: If you’re work permit is nearing its expiry date and you intend to get a new job,  you have 2 options. You can ask for a bridge extension or get a new live-in caregiver permit.

Option 1: Bridge Extension

Bridge extension refers to the short-term work permit given explicitly to live-in caregivers looking for a job but not successful as yet. This works best for live-in care takers who suddenly lost their jobs.

In your extension application, you have to mention in your file that you are applying for a bridge extension. Keep in mind that the bridge extension is usually only for two months.

This application can be submitted at any time. Once you submit it, you can stay in Canada legally. But you don’t get permission to work for a new employer. If you don’t apply for an extension on time and your permit expires, you can still apply for a new work permit within 90 days.


Option 2: New Permit Application

New permit application for live-in caregivers in Canada only works for those who have already found a new job. However, there are some rules you need to take note of:

  • Keep in mind that your work permit can even get canceled if you are found working for someone other than the employer mentioned on your application. Even internships are not allowed. Neither can you try other opportunities.
  • If your work permit expires before you have applied for a new one, it might become troublesome for you to stay in Canada.
  • If you are changing your job, make sure that your new employer receives a Labor Market Impact Assessment mandatory before allowing a caregiver to live in their home.

Note: For the application, you have to submit some documents including a copy of a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and signed employment contract with your new employer.


🎯 A Point To Remember

Canadian laws are pretty strict about the validity of work permits. So if you don’t want to jeopardize your permanent residence application and intend to continue working in the country, apply for an extension timely. Similarly, don’t forget to get a new work permit if there’s any change in your job situation

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