A Comprehensive Immigration Guide to Federal Skilled Trades Program

🗳️ Who is Eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Program?

The FSTP is designed to attract highly-skilled individuals and fill shortages in certain skilled trades occupations across Canada.

Through this program, eligible applicants can become permanent residents in Canada and take part in the country’s economic growth.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) is open to foreign nationals who:

At least 18 years old


Have at least two years of full-time, or an equal amount of part-time, work experience in that skilled trade within the five years before you apply


Meet the language requirements of your skilled trade


Have an offer of full-time employment for a total period of at least one year or meet the eligibility requirements for self-employment in Canada


Meet the job requirements for your skilled trade as set out in the National Occupational Classification (NOC), including having all the required certifications or licenses.


If you meet these requirements, you can then submit an online application through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. Be sure to include all relevant documentation, such as your NOC code, proof of work experience, and any other required certificates or licenses.


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📃 How to Apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Program

In order to apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Program successfully, you’ll need to follow these top 3 essential steps:


Before applying for the Federal Skilled Trades Program, you must determine if you are eligible. In order to be eligible, you must have at least two years of full-time skilled work experience within the past five years in one of the eligible occupations listed on the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list. You must also demonstrate that your language proficiency is at least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 5 in English or French.


Once you have determined that you are eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Program, it is time to collect all of the documents necessary to complete your application package. You will need to provide proof of your language proficiency, work experience, education, and any other relevant documents required by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Additionally, you will have to fill out an online application form.


After you have collected all of your documents and completed your application package, it is time to submit it to IRCC. Depending on which country you are from, there may be additional requirements such as biometrics or interviews with immigration officers.


📥 The Benefits of the Federal Skilled Trades Program

The benefits of the Federal Skilled Trades Program are many, such as:


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🆚 What are the differences between the FSWP & the FSTP?

There are several key differences between the The Federal Skilled Worker Program and the The Federal Skilled Trades Program. Both programs have different requirements and lead to different outcomes. Here’s how to figure out the difference between each of these programs:


🍁 Conclusion

The Federal Skilled Trade Program is an excellent opportunity for immigrants and international students to gain work experience in Canada. The program provides access to numerous jobs, including skilled trades, which can help you build a successful career path in Canada.

It also offers the opportunity for permanent residency and even Canadian citizenship. With its low qualifying score and flexible requirements, the FSTP can be a great way of enabling qualified individuals to establish themselves as part of the Canadian workforce.


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