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New Report Reveals Decreased Competition in Canada's Economy

A recent report published by Canada’s Competition Bureau highlights a concerning trend of diminishing competition within Canada’s economy. This article delves into the key findings of the report, shedding light on the implications of reduced competitive intensity and the challenges faced by both consumers and businesses.

Assessing the Decline in Competitive Intensity

The report, spanning the years 2000 to 2020, examined various aspects of Canada’s economy, including profits, business creation, and industry concentration. The central finding is a decline in Canada’s overall competitive intensity, signaling a shift toward greater industry consolidation.

Concentration on the Rise

Industries that were already highly concentrated in 2000 became even more concentrated by 2020, with fewer companies holding dominant positions. The report reveals an increase in highly concentrated industries during this period, leading to concerns about market competition.

Challenging Big Corporations

Smaller new entrants are facing even greater challenges when competing with large corporations. Additionally, the number of new entrants across industries has decreased. The report highlights how the wealthiest companies have seen their profits and markups rise significantly over the past two decades.

Impacts on Consumers and Businesses

The decline in competitive intensity has adverse consequences for both consumers and businesses. The report emphasizes that fewer competitive benefits, such as lower prices, greater choice, and innovation, have been realized in this less competitive economic landscape.

The Need for a Comprehensive Approach

While the report doesn’t provide specific solutions, it underscores the importance of a “whole-of-government approach” to foster competition. An overhaul of competition laws is also deemed essential to empower the Competition Bureau to address these challenges effectively.

Strengthening Competition Laws

The report echoes previous calls for legislative changes, including the ability to compel companies to provide information and amendments to the Competition Act. The focus should be on consumer welfare and addressing merger-related issues.

A Call for Change

Keldon Bester of the Canadian Anti-Monopoly Project emphasizes the familiar narrative presented by the report, pointing out the persistence of top firms and the dwindling presence of new challengers. An interesting observation is the lack of evidence supporting larger companies’ greater efficiency.

Beyond Legal Reforms

While an overhaul of the Competition Act is crucial, Bester highlights the need for a broader outlook, encouraging more Canadians to start businesses and fostering an environment where companies can scale up to compete effectively.


Canada’s Competition Bureau’s report reveals a significant challenge in maintaining healthy economic competition. While legal reforms are essential, a comprehensive approach and a shift in mindset towards dynamism and innovation are needed to address the broader issues and ensure a competitive economic landscape for the future.

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